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About the Rehoboth Beach Writers' Guild

About Us

The Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild (RBWG), established in November 2004, is a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to the fostering of the literary arts in Southern Coastal Delaware.

We are authors, journalists, teachers, retired professors of literature, memoirists, archivists, actors, editors, stand-up comics, songwriters and photographers. Just Plain folk. We’ve been seen in regional, national and international literary journals, trade magazines,and newspapers. We read our work at literary venues, attend writers’ conferences, book festivals, retreats or fairs. We take writing classes, struggle with writers block and rejection letters, dream of what it would be like to have enough time to write, to get published. Some of us have done this too— had books or chapbooks published by large New York companies, by small independent presses, by self-publishers. We are writers and readers and we number more than 100. You’ll find a comrade in ink, a soul mate in literature, and you’ll be an important part of the world of storytellers. Please take a moment to join and support the coastal writing community.


Writing is about taking risks. It’s about challenges, about unpredictability, about change. And because it’s about those things, it’s exciting, at times frightening. Our crashing wave, taken from a photo by RBWG member, Alexis Weber, both a writer and a surfer, catches just that.


Our thanks to Eric Montgomery - The Computer Guy - who has, since 2007, donated hosting services for this website as well as technical assistance when we need it.

Our thanks to Browseabout Books which supports RBWG writers by carrying their books. Click on their link to learn more about our local book store.

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