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RBWG Classes, Spring 2014

We will have a full schedule of classes again this spring. As always, we are open to suggestions about classes you’d like to see offered. We are also seeking places to hold classes (in central Rehoboth or Lewes locations). This will be a real issue for us in the summer, so if you have suggestions about this, please email maribeth at  

Scroll down or click on the link below to read more about classes being offered.

Because we are committed to keeping our classes small and because we can only continue to do this if participants commit to and pay for all classes, we ask that you pay for the full class amount up front.  To make payment easier, we’ve added a paypal option that uses credit cards. If paying up front is difficult for you, please just email us and we’ll do our best to work out a payment plan. Click here for more information about RBWG class policies.

Registration and Payment

To register for any class, email to specify which class you are interested in. Maribeth will respond to you by email within 2 days. 

Click on this link to pay using Pay Pal:

Note: Before signing up for a class on Pay Pal, please register first with Maribeth at to make sure that the class is running (at times we do not have enough participants to make the class work) or is not already filled. Maribeth will respond to you within a day. 


Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 pm, April 1, 8, 22, 29, May 6, 13 (no class April 22)
Rehoboth Beach Library
Cost: RBWG Members $240; Non-RBWG members $270

This class is for those who want to write fiction, but think they can’t, those who have written bits and  pieces of stories but stopped short of finishing because they “don’t know what happens next.”  For the first three weeks, we will focus on exercises that will help us move from writing “true” stories to writing short fiction.  We will read and study several short stories by well-regarded authors to discover and try to emulate some of the techniques of fiction including point-of-view, setting, dialogue. During the last three weeks of the class we will each focus on writing one short story using the techniques we’ve studied.

More about Sarah



Fridays 10:30-12:30 April 4 - May23
Location TBA
Cost RBWG Members: $320
Non RBWG Members $360

This is a workshop for those are at least fifty pages into a novel or a linked story collection (one that involves the same characters in more than one story) and who therefore have a strong sense of their main characters. (It’s also for those who have taken Novel Explorations I--although this is NOT a prerequisite). The plot of the novel/ stories might still be nebulous, the characters might still need to be developed, you might not even be sure where you’ll begin the novel or story collection--but you have a solid character in mind and have written a number of pages--however random and out of order and plotless they may be--about this character. You know basic things like the character’s age and occupation; you know where the story will take place and in roughly what years...and now you are ready to start opening up the possibilities for the characters and plot. Through exercises that focus on crucial elements of fiction writing--dialogue, dramatic scenes, pacing, point of view, and setting--you’ll explore your character’s doubts and uncertainties, see what happens to her when you place him in unfamiliar circumstances, discover what she wants most in life and why she can’t get it and more--all of which will result in your writing character-based compelling fiction. 

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Thursdays 3-5 April 3-May22
Cost RBWG Members: $320
Non RBWG Members $360

The best way to learn how to write a novel--is to write a novel. This is an advanced class for those who have taken at least two novel classes prior to this one and who are well into their novels. Characters feel fully developed, there is a solid plot, point of view has been decided, and what you, the writer, needs at this point is just to plow forward. Participants in this class will continue bringing scenes to class for workshop but these will not be based on specific exercises (as in other classes), but will be simply what the writer wants feedback on. Iin addition, participants will have the opportunity to give Maribeth up to 3000 words of writing for critique/comments each week. The goal is to write 24,000 new words in the eight-week session--hopefully a solid quarter of the novel in progress.  


More about Maribeth




LANDSCAPES of DESIRE: The Role of Place in Creative Nonfiction/Memoir ~ Maribeth Fischer
Tuesdays 10:30-12:30 April 1 - May 20
Cost RBWG Members: $320 Non RBWG Members $360

This is a class for Nonfiction writers who are working on longer pieces--essays or memoir chapters of around 3000 words. Writers will be encouraged to develop new work which they expand and revise as part of the writing process. Although writers are free to write about any nonfiction topic, we will study, throughout the class, the role of setting and place in writing and how the inclusion of these elements is crucial to both the essay and the memoir. Participants will write 2 long essays or chapters (four weeks each)  bringing 750 words of writing to class each week for comments and suggestions. At the end of each four-week period, the writers will give their completed and revised essays to Maribeth for feedback.

More about Maribeth




Micro Fiction Writing Online Tutorial ~ Ethan Joella
March 30-May 4
 Cost: RBWG Members $240; Non-RBWG members $270

Works of flash fiction are in high demand from literary journals. Micro Fiction Writing is a chance to write your own highly-charged, compressed short stories that stay under four pages. During this six-week personal tutorial, you will receive five specific assignments that result in your writing five pieces of micro fiction to be submitted for feedback. We will work on a traditional short-short story, an experimental micro piece, a prose poem, a short monologue, and an epistolary piece. During the final week, we'll be putting the previous works through a
substantial revision process.

More About Ethan


Imitation and Innovation in Poetry II ~ Gail Comorat and Ethan Joella
March 30-May 4
Cost: RBWG Members $240; Non-RBWG members $270

Text: The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (second edition, edited by Michael Simms),

As Salvador Dali once said: Only after you’ve perfected the technique of the Masters, can you develop your own style.  Every artist learns through imitation, and in Imitation and Innovation II, we will be focusing on all new writers but only 2-3 each week in order to dive into their work more in-depth. We will look at how each uses subject matter, style, form, line length and breaks, and theme. Then, using this knowledge, participants will choose a poet each week to imitate.


More about Gail
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